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Peter Mennel and Reinhard Flatz's Bonanza N5NZ , The Spirit of Bregenz


Peter Mennel and Reinhard Flatz's Bonanza N5NZ in Horta, Azorres
June 3, 2007

  On May 27, 2007 Dr. Peter Mennel and Dr. Reinhard Flatz will take off in Hohenems Austria (LOIH) for an earthrounding with a trade wind with Bonanza reg. N5NZ

The Route:
  • Austria:
    • Hohenems
  • Ukraine:
    • Kiev
  • Russia:
    • Samara
    • Omsk
    • Bratsk
    • Yakutsk
    • Magadan
    • Anadyr
  • USA:
    • Nome
    • Juneau
    • Seattle
    • Grand Falls
    • Bangor
  • Canada:
    • St. John
  • Azores
  • Lissabon, Portugal
  • Hohenems, Austria

  From Peter Mennal and Reinhard Flatz:

We took off one day late (May 28, 2007). After the landing in Kiev ouer first stopp, we were told, we have no Russian permission as we have been informed. After two nights in the hotel and a lot of telefon calls we got permission on the evening and took off imideately for Samara, where we landed in the night. After costoms with big problems, because they didnt know how to handle a plane without passengers, we could continue for Omsk. After refueling with very friendly people we took off in the afternoon to Bratsk. After landing we were informed, that airspace not open during the night. We slept in the Hotel Pilot at the airport, whitch was very clean and got a good dinner whithout speaking russian and they no speaking english or german. The next day we flew to Yakutsk , where we were also handled very friendly and continued to Magadan. This airport is closed from 9 p.m. to 9 am. We went to a hotel for the night. Because Anadhir is closed on Sat and Sun we had to fly from Magadan to Nome 1287 nm without refueling, otherwhise we whould have lost to more days in Russia. After customs with no problem we were airborne with 850 liters of fuel. After 7 hours we landed with no problems in Nome Alaska. Customs was very friendly and uncomplicated. He told us we were the first earthrounders this year. usually he has about 2-3 a year. The next morning we took off for Juneau the Capital of Alaska, where you can get just by air or sea. There we met an Austrian women, who is the only female fishing captain in Alaska. It was a very intresting and nice host. Next day 03 06 we few to Shelton near Seattle to friends we know from skydiving for many many years. Because during this flight one fuelpump quited, we are stuck for the moment and ordered a new one over night, so we can instal it tomorrow morning and contiue to cross the US to St John in New Foundland. We did a very nice and beautifull skydive 9 way out of the Twinn Otter of our friends. we keept you informed.

Meanwhile N 5 NZ arrived on the Azores landed in Horta and than in Pico to visit a friend from AŘstria who lives here.

On June 2nd we flew from Pico Azores to Ponte delagarde for refueling, and went on to Cascais. We had there a very delicious seafood dinner in Estoril at rest Victor. Next day took off for our last leg back to Hohenems LOIH where we took off 14 days before on the 28. May 2007.We flew 83 houres round the world

Peter Mennel

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Last update: June 12, 2007
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