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Earthrounders  Noticeboard
Earlier Notices

April 2, 2017:
Sincere congratulations to Lola Odujinrin for the succesful completion of his solo RTW in a Cirrus. He landed on March 29, 2016 at Dulles Airport, Washington DC.
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March 19, 2017:
A mini Earthrounders Meeting is projected during the Airshow at Evora, Portugal, from September 22d to September 24th.
Earthrounders are invited to participate. Food, lodging and fuel could be made available.
Please contact Michel Gordillo for details:

March 17, 2017:
Ravi Bansal of Buffalo, NY, is announcing his departure for a solo RTW, in the first week of July in his Cessna 400.
Wishing him fair weather and tail winds...

March 11, 2017:
Bob Gannon and Art Mortvedt:
A Mini reunion. From check point Galena, Alaska on the Iditarod Race.
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March 3, 2017:
British celebrity, Carol Vorderman, is preparing to fly solo around the World in a Twin Diamond DA42, which she named "Mildred", after her heroine, British pilot, the Honorable Mrs Mildred Bruce (solo RTW in 1931, Database #298).
More in an article from the Daily Mail:
Wishing her fair winds and a safe flight.

March 1, 2017:
A warning of exhorbitant landing charges at Bali airport.
Details here

February 28, 2017:
From double Earthrounder Wilfred Tashima:
Earthrounder Willie Tashima (ATW F33 - 1992, ATW A36 – 1994) is selling his two 100 gallon Bonanza tip tanks. His Beechcraft A36, N911WT, which took him around the world the second time is also for sale, with or without big tip tanks. 20 gallon Osborne tip tanks are presently installed on the plane. Photos and listing as shown on the web site. $35,000 dollars for the set of big tanks.
Used for the trip around the world, and for flights between the West Coast and Hawaii.
The photo on the ground is with the 20 gallon tip tanks.
The photo in the air in front of Diamond Head is with the 100 gallon tip tanks.
For the big tip tanks, email Willie Tashima at:

Larger photo
More photos here:

February 16, 2017:
From Sergey Terekhin: Yes, we all miss Mikhail Farikh, he was an exceptional man, full of energy and
readiness to help. His smile and good humor impossible to forget.
Two days ago another good pilot from their round the Earth flight died in helicopter crash: Dmitriy Rakitsky
with 3 POB.
Mikhail and Dmitriy both flew around the World in two Robinson 66 helicopters in 2013.

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Their R66 helicopters

More on their helicopters RTW on these two sites:
From "MondoCharlie" in Spanish
From the Russian AOPA

February 1, 2017:
At the traditional Earthrounders ski week in Champery, Switzerland, we manage to get
7 Earthrounders on the same 'perch'
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January 28, 2017:
年快乐 州
Happy New Year of the Rooster

January 28, 2017:
Another 'mini-mini' Earthrounders 'get-together', when Bob Bates and
Bill Finlen paid a visit to Claude Meunier in what Bob describes as
"his yearly pilgrimage to the center of the Universe", aka Grass Valley in Western Australia. Great fun despite of the 42°C temperatures...
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January 26, 2017:
Earthrounder Soiuzbek Saliev (RTW 2016) has some equipment for sale:
- a ferry tank Turtle pac of 100 gallon capacity
- a Winslow Life Raft ( 46GASTL - 095-1-100 )14 kg
- and Iridium Extreme satellite phone
Please contact him at:

January 17, 2017:
From John Bone: "I am planning a 2018 RTW in my Cirrus SR22 and looking to purchase a portable HF radio and 100 US Gallon Turtlepac.Also wanted is a Mustang MAC 200/300 survival suit, size medium"
Many thanks,
John R. Bone